Oh yes, this dear reader will hopefully turn into a delightfully entertaining post about hickeys. It has come to my attention that some of my friends have recently acquired hickeys from their partners. Yet, instead of owning the love marks, embarrassing and unbelievable excuses were made to explain away the neck bruises. So I thought how delightful, an opportunity to create a list of lame explanations for bruises of the neck.

So here it is, in no particular order and please feel free to add:

That Bruise isn’t a Hickey, I got it from…

curling my hair (who knew hot irons could suck?)
an allergic reaction to my new face lotion…that I rubbed all over my collar bones and neck line… and cleavage
an allergic reaction to my new make-up (no one told me where to apply it)
a spider bite (well it did happen at night, and I was laying in my bed)
a sport injury ( I guess men need excuses too, but really?):
I got hit in the neck by a baseball/golf ball/basketball/football/tennis ball/etc.
trying to unplug my vacuum (I guess I forgot to shut it off)
And my person favorite
his chin hair rubbing against my neck, I have sensitive skin. (true excuse)


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