I just want a Baby Bump

I am not a patient person. So this pregnancy and I are not getting along. I am barely into my second tri and just impatient for my baby belly to get here. I have actually started wearing maternity clothes even though I don’t need to. I just like that I am pregnant and celebrate the fact by wearing maternity clothes. I cannot get enough information about the baby’s development and growth and of course have read well beyond my time in the pregnancy. This just means I am continuously anticipating what’s going to happen next.

I am savoring every part of my pregnancy, but so far I just feel normal. What’s the point? I don’t get any of the perks of pregnancy (like people giving up their seats on the CTA) and, even though I talk to Baby, I can’t feel Baby respond yet (but Baby is already moving arms and legs!). So Baby, come on and grow my stomach already! Mom’s ready.


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