What I love About Social Work

Social work, along with other theraputic professions, may be one of the most interesting professions to be a part of and here are some reasons why:

1.) what I “love” includes drugs, addicts, human trafficking,welfare, prison systems and illegal immigration
2.) my favorite classes tend to make me depressed
3.) we are all, almost universally, technologically outdated.
4.) awkward situations are a daily occurrence, if something doesn’t make you go uhhh you might be doing your job wrong.
5.) sometimes making your client’s problem a joke actually makes the situation better.
6.) you get to see people in the most interesting way; things you normally would not consider a strength become huge accomplishments.
7.) you turn into a little bit of a hippie socialist.


Well, it’s another post about that damn dog.

So we got Dyzio a new rawhide because he loves rawhide and when he doesn’t have it, he loves chewing all my blankets and furniture and pillows…

Unlike the usual rawhide we get, which is proportional to his mouth/head/body, the new rawhide is probably the same size as him! His reaction has been comical. At first, he was as excited as a kid in a candy store. He didn’t know where to start and when he picked it up, I thought it would pull him down. Then, he freaked out and was very suspicious of his new toy. He kept it at a distance and made sure he put himself between us and it– I think he thought he was protecting it from us. Then he decided he needed to protect his rawhide from us and alternately hide it or kept it right next to him. Now he is in a stage of indifference. I think it’s because we got him a new dog bed and he is just lounging in it.

Anyway, it’s kind of gross how much we spoil our dog. Can you even imagine how bad it will be when Baby comes?? At least I will write about my baby instead of my dog post-birth, but I am not sure if that’s better or worse for my audience…

Your Crazy’s Showing…

Yeah, so you know how I am a crazy socialist hippie (but I don’t believe in that commune shit, well I kind of do, but only if it’s right for you. and ultimately I believe in socialism as my utopia because people kind of suck and like to be selfish and it wouldn’t really work unless there is a dictator to help direct things, but then it would be a dictatorship, and wouldn’t I just be the best socialist dictator (yeah figure out that oxymoron))? Anyway, I love living in a democratic republic and all that and I wouldn’t change out political system (well I would but I wouldn’t replace it with socialism), but I would TOTALLY change our economic system. Well apparently I am so liberal that my crazy liberal brother won’t even talk to me about taxation and how we should tax different income brackets.

I am taking this as a good sign to TONE IT DOWN! I gotta get the crazy a little under control, right?

Beauty and the Beast

I recently re-watched Beauty and the Beast the Disney classic (does it count as a classic?). The last few times I watched this movie there have been some small pieces of it that irritate me.

Let’s start with the time frame. If you do the math, the curse is put on the Beast when he is 11 years old! How did I get this age: at the beginning of the movie the narrator says that the Beast has to find love by his 21st birthday and then in the song Be Our Guest Lumiere says “ten years we’ve been rusting, needing so much more than dusting…” So there you go, Beast was 11. Doesn’t that seem kind of young for a person to be cursed or to be a huge dick? Also, at the beginning of the movie the stained glass windows make it seem like Beast is old! He does not look 11 in those opening scenes or in the painting in the West Wing.

Continuing on… how come no one in the village remembers a prince who was cursed? IT JUST HAPPENED! Plus this prince was a huge jerk as a human and only nice to pretty people. I think I would remember some snotty little kid making fun of me and then getting what he deserved by being turned into a monster. Everyone is shocked to find out there is a beast living up the road. Yet, even though they forgot they had a cursed prince living nearby, they remembered the way to his castle when Gaston wanted to hunt him down. Belle and her father only found the castle by chance, but the villagers walked right up to it! Absurd.

Now we come to Mrs. Potts and Chip. I don’t know if anyone ages in the movie, but it doesn’t seem to matter because Mrs. Potts seems to age for everyone. Let’s put this story in perspective: it’s 1700s France, people start having kids at 16 and are dead by 35. Mrs. Potts looks like she is 65 and has a toddler. HOW CAN SHE HAVE A TODDLER? Chip should be at least 10! And where is Mr. Potts? How can she have an infant and no husband? Did he fall off the counter and break? It makes me a little crazy. Plus, I just don’t think it is fair for the matronly woman to have to look matronly. Why couldn’t Mrs. Potts have the body of the feather duster when she became human again? Even if she didn’t get the body, at the very least she shouldn’t have gray hair! That’s just not fair. Dear Disney, you can be motherly and hot too, Sincerely, (almost-)A-Hot-Mama.

Also there are just some random inconsistencies. In Be Our Guest, Mrs. Potts sings about making tea and jumps on the stove! She says she’ll be “bubbling and brewing”. Tea pots don’t boil water (they do brew the tea) and, since they were made of porcelain, would probably break over the fire. Also, Mrs. Potts consistently calls the other tea cups Chips brothers and sisters, but they don’t come back to life with everything else. Most of the inanimate objects in the house become animated in the curse, but, if you notice, they do not get faces or lines– with the exception of the tea cups. The cream and sugar dishes do not have faces but the other tea cups do. Talk about childhood trauma: one day you are a baby human, the next a tea-cup with a bunch of brothers and sisters, you live ten years in the same cupboard as them and bam! suddenly you are human again and the cups are just cups. That kid is going to have separation and attachment issues for the rest of his life.

That’s all I got right now, there is probably more that irritates me about the movie, but I can’t think of it right now. So the next time you watch Beauty and the Beast, ask yourself, how the heck can an 11-year-old really be that much of a jerk and why is Mrs. Potts so darn old?!

Summer Reading List

I love summer. and not just for the obvious reasons of fine weather and more enjoyable outdoor activities. I love summer because it affords me the time to catch up on some enjoyable reading. So far, I have four books picked out for my summer reading list. I think it might take me through to fall semester though. Here are my books:

A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present
The Tudors
Gandhi & Churchill: The Epic Rivalry That Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age
The Help

As you can see 3/4 books are history. I love reading about history. I just can’t get enough of it (hence reading books about Hitler). I am so excited for these books that I just don’t know where to start! I might just close my eyes and pick one at random. That seems the best idea.

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions of good books, please don’t hesitate to suggest them.


I just finished reading a book entitled Hitler: the Pathology of Evil, by George Victor. He claims to take a psychological/historical/biographical view to try to puzzle out why Hitler did the things that he did during his lifetime.

I don’t think I ever truly realized how deranged Hitler was. We, for obvious reasons, don’t expound on all Hitler did when teaching European history in public schools. Imagine Charles Manson on steroids and you still won’t even have an equal comparison to Hitler, that’s just the closest I can imagine. Both men created chaos, had a following, and did not technically commit murder themselves (Hitler was a soldier during WWI, but during WWII he never personally carried out murder or mass killing).

The man created an atmosphere of complete chaos. I knew about Hitler Youth and family members narking on family members, but I did not know that he purposely created vague orders with sever consequences if they were not carried out. Hitler never said in orders to kill people, but if the people targeted were not killed (or arrested and sent to concentration camps) then his enforcers would receive similar punishments.

The Gestapo, SS, and Secret Police started carrying out orders in the most extreme way so they did not raise Hitler’s ire.

I think the craziest part about Hitler’s life, for me, is there is so much still unknown. We speculate, with strong evidence, about why he started the Holocaust, we speculate why he made the war decisions he did, and we speculate at any of his true intentions of beliefs. Hitler was a master pathological liar: he was sincere, passionate, and, to some extent, believed everything he said.

How do you prevent evil if you cannot explain or understand why it happens? There is one constant in my studies so far, all my professors have told me that human behavior is unexplainable and erratic: that which is true to explain one person’s actions cannot be assumed for the same actions of another person. This is the most frustrating part of my studies and yet the most fascinating. Human behavior is not easy and, as much as we wish, we cannot make sweeping generalizations about humanity. There will always be people like Hitler and Charles Manson (and on the other side Gandhi and Mother Teresa) throwing a wrench into the equation. It’s mind-boggling, and, in a purely academic sense, fascinating.

Baby’s Heart

Pro life commercial’s are misleading. A lot of baby commercial’s are–well the one’s that have a baby’s heartbeat. They have the in-utero heartbeat of the infant playing in the background while they talk about some life threatening disease. The commercials always make you go “Aww”, but they lie. The baby’s heartbeat is not this steady cadence. It is not 75 beats/min. The baby’s heartbeat is about 163 b/m. It’s sounds like a freakin’ horse running around your uterus. It is exhausting just listening to my kiddo’s heart beating. I wanted to tell baby to lay off the fast food!

But actually, it was amazing. I haven’t felt the baby yet. The ultrasound was awesome; seeing our baby rocked. But hearing our baby… there aren’t even words for me to describe how cool it is.

Not only that, but our doctor said that once you can hear the baby chance of miscarriage drops to 2%. So whew! Baby is in there to stay (most likely).