Baby’s Heart

Pro life commercial’s are misleading. A lot of baby commercial’s are–well the one’s that have a baby’s heartbeat. They have the in-utero heartbeat of the infant playing in the background while they talk about some life threatening disease. The commercials always make you go “Aww”, but they lie. The baby’s heartbeat is not this steady cadence. It is not 75 beats/min. The baby’s heartbeat is about 163 b/m. It’s sounds like a freakin’ horse running around your uterus. It is exhausting just listening to my kiddo’s heart beating. I wanted to tell baby to lay off the fast food!

But actually, it was amazing. I haven’t felt the baby yet. The ultrasound was awesome; seeing our baby rocked. But hearing our baby… there aren’t even words for me to describe how cool it is.

Not only that, but our doctor said that once you can hear the baby chance of miscarriage drops to 2%. So whew! Baby is in there to stay (most likely).


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