Your Crazy’s Showing…

Yeah, so you know how I am a crazy socialist hippie (but I don’t believe in that commune shit, well I kind of do, but only if it’s right for you. and ultimately I believe in socialism as my utopia because people kind of suck and like to be selfish and it wouldn’t really work unless there is a dictator to help direct things, but then it would be a dictatorship, and wouldn’t I just be the best socialist dictator (yeah figure out that oxymoron))? Anyway, I love living in a democratic republic and all that and I wouldn’t change out political system (well I would but I wouldn’t replace it with socialism), but I would TOTALLY change our economic system. Well apparently I am so liberal that my crazy liberal brother won’t even talk to me about taxation and how we should tax different income brackets.

I am taking this as a good sign to TONE IT DOWN! I gotta get the crazy a little under control, right?


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