I have a problem

Actually, as most of my family will tell you, I have several problems. The problem I am referring to right now relates to my new app on my iPad. It’s called Tap Zoo and it was free. It is exactly what it sounds like. I am building a freakin’ zoo!

There are several obvious flaws with the app. First, you get an island in the middle of an ocean (I assume it’s the ocean, it’s water as far as you can explore) and people come to visit you, but there is no boat initially– you build it after you play for a while. So where the h-e-double-hockey-stick do the people come from and how do they get back? Additionally, you can buy more land for your zoo and then it just appears after a certain amount of time. It’s weird. Another problem is the animals themselves. Right now the app wants me to create a wolf pack. To do this, I need to breed two animals. The animals I have to eare a puma and a snow leopard. Now I am not much of a science minded person, so riddle me this: how do two animals from the cat family create an animal from the canine family? It blows my mind… I don’t understand. I also had to cross-breed twice to get a platypus. That one was out of control too: a leafy sea dragon (wtf?) with a fox to produce a river otter, then I had to build a fountain to attract a mallard duck which I then breed with the river otter to produce a platypus! However, after that crazy leap of “science” my zoo did double in popularity.

Anyway, as this blog proves, I am a little too eager about this game (which is the problem). I keep counting down the hours until land grows or a new animal is created or I get to collect revenue from the animals. It’s ridiculous. In fact, my husband laughed uproariously when he realized that I am writing a blog about the damn game.



3 thoughts on “I have a problem

  1. It’s okay, I understand. I had it for awhile! I am currently playing one that is similar, but instead it is a pet spa. Oh ipod/ipad apps….

  2. Lol. I am very similar with a game on my phone. It’s called paradise island. Not quite as quirky as yours sounds with the cross breeding. But a lot of building stuff, visitors to the island spending $, waiting for stuff to be built and pay out, leveling up & unlocking new buildings & attractions.there are different awards you can get, one of which is for how much time you’ve played the game…. I am well past the 90 hour award…

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