And Now, I Rant like I’m a Crotchety Old Man

So the reason my dog looks like the Wicked Witch of the West in my last post is because he has some anxiety issues. And the 4th of July weekend did not agree with him. In fact, he is still shaking like a baby and anytime something goes “thump” he scurries back under the couch. It is very sad.

In other news, people are idiots. I think I almost got hit by fireworks four different times last night. People just shoot them off wherever they want in Chicago. It is ridiculous. I know Chicago Police have a lot to deal with during the weekend of the 4th and mostly ignore illegal fireworks unless someone gets injured, but couldn’t the city at least create sanctioned areas where it is okay to use fireworks?? I am not even exaggerating when I say there were people shooting fireworks off in crowds of people. There were giant expanses of the beach, free from human hands, feet, eyes, and other body parts where it would have been much safer to launch those things off. People are so DUMB and INCONSIDERATE! next year, we’re staying home…


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