Ultrasound Dilemma

I am not perfect. I have several flaws. A few that pertain to this post include: I am indecisive, I am impatient, I have no filter, and I do not believe in secrets.

So how does that relate to the post? Well, tomorrow is our 20 week ultrasound for baby, and it is when we can find out the sex of our baby if baby is facing the right way.

So the question is do we find out or do we wait? enter Maria’s flaws here.

Due to my indecision, I have no idea if I want to know. Even making pro/con list shows my indecision: everything can be either a pro or con. I am impatient which would make is seem obvious that we would find out, but I have no filter/can’t keep a secret and everyone and their mom would know the baby’s sex. Normally this is not a problem, but, because I don’t have a filter, everyone already knows the baby names we picked out (Emerson Allen and Gracelynn Ann (see no filter)). I am just superstitious enough that I don’t want people running around saying the baby’s name before baby is here. It’s weird, don’t worry I know. Additionally, I am somewhat of a crazy feminist liberal hippie (check out some of my other posts). This means I don’t really want everyone to know the sex of my baby because I don’t want my baby gendered before it even comes out of the womb. I am seriously tempted to take up sewing just so I can make non-gendered clothes. I am that ridiculous.

Anyway, all of this adds up to having far too many discussions about “should we or shouldn’t we” and not making a decision. Unbelievable.


9 thoughts on “Ultrasound Dilemma

  1. It sounds to me like maybe you shouldn’t publicize your baby’s names until you tell your sister! I had no idea you had them picked already. Sad face for being the last to know again (even after the online world).

    1. Don’t worry Emily, they’ll probably end up switching them at the last minute. Or Lindsey will have her baby first and steal the name.

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