You Know When Life Gets Entirely Out of Control and You Just Laugh Because The Alternative is to Break Down and Cry?

That’s my life right now. Not in a I-hate-my-life way, but in a Well-guess-God’s-got-this-one way.

We got the news about Emerson and co-currently had to make a lot of decisions about moving and school and jobs. Well the medical aspect changed our living situation for the following year. Our lease came up July 31st and we paid half a month’s rent to stay for 15 days. We were supposed to move to a 2 bedroom with someone else on the 15th but then things got too complicated for that to happen. When we found out we weren’t moving on the 15th, we gave our landlord the second rent check so we had more time to make decisions.

Once we found out about Emerson, we were not sure if I should continue school or if we should stay in Chicago. I, probably selfishly, wanted to continue school for the fall semester and take the spring semester off. I emailed my professors to let them know the situation for the fall and see if I could alter my syllabi to finish my semester early. Most of my professors were not too supportive of me staying enrolled in school; they thought it would be a better idea take time off and focus on my family. Since I did not feel like I had the support of my professors and most other Heart Moms I talked with thought taking the year off was easier for me and better for my family, I decided to defer.

At the same time I decided to defer, the 15th of August rolled around. And that morning our building manager showed up and handed a cell phone to Matt. On the other end of that phone was our landlord who told us he wanted us to leave on Wednesday by noon (this was a Monday morning). Apparently, he had rented out our apartment sooner than expected and he needed us gone so he could get the apartment ready for the next tenants. Matt protested, saying that we had already paid the second half the rent, but our landlord said that he didn’t cash the check so he could do this. Luckily for us (and unfortunately for our landlord) my brother is an attorney who specializes in housing and works in a legal aid job making him very familiar with the laws surrounding eviction. So I called him and he helped us get in contact with Chicago legal aid. Unfortunately, we could not talk to anyone until the following day (Tuesday) and I was not about to sit around all day hoping things would work out and leaving myself only one day to pack if I had to move on Wednesday.

So Monday we spent packing and thank God Lindsey Jawish was there to help us. Matt and I are not know for our organization, speed, or efficiency. Lindsey is like a maniac (in the best way possible). So we packed that day, Matt called our landlord to let him know that we knew the law, and we waited to see what would happen. (other things happened too, but that’s not important right now)

Tuesday morning Matt woke up early called the lawyers and they called back at 9:30. We gave them our landlord’s information and they called our landlord. About an hour later we got a call from our landlord who realized we did know the law and were willing to use it and had our move out day moved to Sunday. we had planned to move August 28th, but, since we already decided to move to Minnesota, we felt it was just best to get out of there and agreed to move a week earlier than planned. We also cancelled the second half the rent check so he could not deposit it: we were still technically “evicted” and I was not about our landlord collect on that.

So while all of this craziness was going on with withdrawing from school and moving on the fly, we were also dealing with problems from the bank. The previous Wednesday we were told our account was locked for 24 hours because someone had hacked into it. I do not really understand how they hacked into it, but they did. We got an email from the bank later that day and the email said our account would be locked for 72 hours; meaning we had no access to our money until 12:24 pm on Monday afternoon. Lovely, right? We did not have to deal with contacting credit bureaus (even though I talked to both my Dad and my brother (the attorney) about what to do when someone steals your information) because TCF Bank already took care of it. So I guess that’s something.

12:24 rolls around on Monday and we still did not have access to our account. Matt spent some time on the phone with the bank and they were not helpful. Matt even went in to the bank and they could not help him. The next day, our account was still locked, but there was no time to do anything besides call the bank because I was heading back to Minnesota. The next day Matt called the bank (like corporate) and they told him he needed to go down to the financial district and they could help him. They “helped” him by letting him take out $30 and had the account frozen still. On Thursday TCF told him that they could not access the account and would open a new account for us: we had to wait until the following Monday to learn the new numbers and that was when they would send the new bank cards too. Well by that Monday (today) we would not be living in the apartment our account is under so our cards would be in Chicago and we would be in Minnesota. Not a good plan. Additionally, they wanted to close the account by Friday, but we have two direct deposits set up for that account. Both direct deposits have our information listed as Chicago as our home even though we now live in Minnesota. Not an ideal situation.

On Friday Matt went to cash a check, but, because our bank account is frozen, Matt was only “allowed” to cash half and he had to deposit the other half. Ridiculous. It is pretty safe to say that last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were the most stressful days of my life.

Now things have calmed down. I only have to request all my medical records from Chicago, find new doctors in Minnesota, find a full-time and part-time job (one for me, one for Matt), find an apartment, and buy a car. Plus settle the bank business, finish deferring my education, and change all of information (loans, IDs, etc.) to a Minnesota address (that I don’t actually have). Love it.

But really, it’s not so bad. I have the most magnificent husband who helps me get through the day, and great support system that blows every other support system out of the water, and a faith that can get me through anything. So I am pretty much set.


3 thoughts on “You Know When Life Gets Entirely Out of Control and You Just Laugh Because The Alternative is to Break Down and Cry?

  1. Technically you weren’t evicted – that only happens when there’s a court judgment. Technically you negotiated an early move-out date.

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