Just call me an artist…

… a sandwich artist! I got a job. Well, let me phrase that more accurately, my amazing, wonderful, fabulous cousin got me a job at Subway and all I had to do was fill out the necessary paperwork.

After our somewhat frustrating series of recent events (and yes, we did have more problems with the bank after my last blog) things seem to be looking up. I have always secretly wanted to work at Subway (for the aroma alone) and applied every summer in high school. I never was asked to interview. So this job is like a dream come true! (no, seriously, it is.) I get to work with great people, smell delightful after my shift, and actually make some money and feel like I am doing something before Emer comes.

Not only that, but the job seems super flexible. If I need time off, I can get it and I can adjust my schedule when the time comes. I am still holding out to start school again next fall (well my “ideal” is this spring, but I am not going to try: Emerson’s second surgery will be in early spring) and this job seems like it will fit well with the school options I am looking into. I AM SO PUMPED to work at subway…. 🙂

On a side note: today I did my orientation videos. It was supposed to take me from 3 until 8. I finished at 5. Apparently it takes some people three days from 3 until 8 to get through all the video orientation materials… sounds made up to me.


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