Plastic Gloves

I am already having a problem at work. The problem is the gloves we have to wear while working with food. I have not problem with the idea of wearing the gloves– I think it’s great that sanitation is a priority at subway. The problem is the gloves that subway orders are for someone whose longest finger is half the size of my longest finger. The gloves do not fit at all and I rip several pairs trying to get them on. And it has nothing to do with sizes. I tried on every size. The fingers don’t get longer, they just get wider.

The first gloving is not so terrible, but once your hands start sweating (and it happens fast on a the pregnant lady who sweats double) you just can’t get the things on! It is terrible. Of course I feel like an idiot as I struggle to put gloves on and there is a customer watching me. I mean, really, it is not that hard. I am, as you may have noticed, putting most of blame on the gloves, because the design is terrible and doesn’t fit my long fingers. I think some blame should go to my sweaty preggo body, but since I am pregnant I refuse to take the “blame” for anything. Deal with it. Otherwise, loving the job. Learned how to do the “hinge cut” for the bread yesterday and I didn’t even screw it up too bad.

I guess I do have one complaint… my manager is eagerly anticipating me dropping my first sandwich… it’s kind of mean… just saying…


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