Two Weeks at Subway (well three, but the first one was training)

So last Tuesday, or the Tuesday of this week, however you want to think about it, marked the end of my first full pay period as a Subway Sandwich Artist. And what a two weeks it has been. Some of my more memorable moments include sandwich songs (with hit songs like “It’s toasted”, “Double Cheese” and “Bacon”), dropping the mayo bottle on the floor and having it shoot up to the ceiling (yes the mayo is still on the ceiling), pondering how to toast only six inches of a footlong (you cut it in half, just like my brain), wondering why I kept having bread crumbs on my shirt (it’s because my body is not the size I expect it to be and I over shoot the distance between the bread rack and my rack. end result: bread hits my shirt) and spilling not one but two containers of steak in the fridge (Danni cleaned it up, not sure if she wanted to get away from the customers or me).

It has been a wild ride. Luckily, I work with some pretty awesome people who don’t hold my ditsy/klutzy/Maria moments against me. Actually, the staff is pretty great. I work with a lot of young people (I say as an old fart) who have some nice plans for the future. It is fun to listen to them and see what they want to do.

After two weeks the lesson in humility continues. Who imagines after they graduate college they will end up working at Subway? Now realistically, there are jobs I could get with my degree. The likelihood of someone hiring a sixth months (now seven months) pregnant woman are not great. And I know that my pregnancy is not a reason people can say “no”, but come on, there are enough applicants that all they have to say is they found someone better for the job. And my Subway job is just so ideal for my life right now. It’s between 20-25 hours a week and I know once I have the baby I can go on maternity and as soon as I am ready to come back: boom, I’m back. It is a great environment. People are very flexible and very understanding. Like I said, it is ideal for me and my situation right now.

Still, when your high school teachers come in and see you behind the counter, even when they know what’s going on in your life, you just feel embarrassed to find yourself standing there. It is an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand I am so proud and grateful to have a job, any job, and on the other, I am embarrassed that I am working a blue-collar job. I have talked to other staffers who feel the same way. It is so nice having someone to talk to about it who understands because they are in the same boat. Although, I don’t think any of them should feel embarrassed or ashamed. Like I said, they are all working their way through college or finishing up high school degrees. It is admirable that they work and continue to pursue their dreams. It turns out it is a lot easier to uplift other people than yourself…

So that is my two weeks of Subway experience. I wonder what future weeks will bring (still waiting to drop my first sandwich).


One thought on “Two Weeks at Subway (well three, but the first one was training)

  1. I felt that way when I worked at the bank for a bit after undergrad. Whenever someone I knew came in I wanted to tell them This is not my real job! I’m starting grad. school in a few months! I have a degree! But really…who cares, right? A job is a job.

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