Store Bought Cookies

So tonight at dinner I started wondering how store-bought cookies are made. I mean they are so processed you would think there is no baking involved, but they are cookies so it makes you think there is some baking involved. And what exactly is the recipe for these cookies? Chips A-Hoy, what kind of crap are you using? Is there a formaldehyde substitute in there that gives its preservation? And, if these cookies are baked, are they soft when they come out of the oven or already hard? And, if they are soft, I would dearly loved a freshly baked Chips A-Hoy or Oreo.

Speaking of Oreos, at what point does the cream get put in the center of cream filled cookies? Are the cookie halves baked separately and then the cream is inserted in? Or is the cream put in during the baking process? And what’s the recipe on that crap?

And chewy cookies… what’s up with them? I think we should all be suspicious of chewy cookies (even though they are delicious). How much processed, inorganic crap goes into the making of those cookies?

And we wonder why everyone gets cancer…


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