because i love my husband (and he loves me)

As much as I want to believe, the reality is that Matt does not know how to take a “good” picture. Now to be fair, he is not alone. Some of my brothers-in-law also don’t know how to take a great picture. So what happens is I end up with about a million great pictures of him and, maybe, two good pictures of me. And the thing is, there’s no way for me to “fix” this. Matt has no interest to learn and so is unteachable. He also backs up his disinterest: he absolutely uses his eye sight as an excuse.

For those of you who don’t know, Matt doesn’t see well.

And this is not the only thing he dismisses using his eyes. I am pretty much convinced that he cannot follow a finger to save his life. He doesn’t ever look when I point to see where I am pointing. Honestly, this is quite comical for me. He will ask me where something is, I point at it, and Matt proceeds to wander around a room looking for it for several minutes because he doesn’t look where I am pointing.

He can blame this lack of observation on his eyes, but, come on ladies, it’s a man thing. Not all men, no I will not say all men. But a good number of men. It’s like lifting piles up to find misplaced keys or wallets. Men just cannot seem to do it. I don’t know why, but there it is.

My husband is a man. and that means several of the stereotypes: won’t ask for directions, snores, has a unibrow, cannot take a good picture, and has trouble finding misplaced items. God love him.


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