Ikea is everything I hate about America. And everything I love. Today Matt and I went there for my first ever visit. It is terrible and wonderful. I don’t ever want to go back, but hope I can go back soon! And that wasn’t even the highlight of my weekend.

Friday was awesome. I spent a few hours with Lindsay Pacey who I haven’t seen FOREVER which compels me to plan a trip to Nebraska (which Emerson may foil). Then I got an awesome job offer at a company I am way too excited about. Oh yeah, I am employed! GO ME! I am so excited to start working in my field, getting experience, and supervision and moving toward my goal of a Masters degree. I picked up Matt from his job and scooted on up to my parents’ house.

Where… I went to my sister’s bridal shower and Matt finished packing all of our stuff. The bridal shower was nice. I realize I am a bore, but oh well. I also realized that I carry not one, but two bottles of bug spray which would have been nice to remember earlier in the night since the party was outside. Needless to say, my sisters were not thrilled when I re-discovered it.

Matt and I went back to our house after and basically conked out. Of course, in the move, our pillows were still at my parents, but since we were so tired it didn’t even matter! The next morning Matt walked over to the store and got us breakfast and we unpacked a little more.

Lindsey picked me up for shower number two: this time baby shower for my Auntie. It was nice and had an awesome cross section of people great aunts down to great-great nieces (the great-great niece would be in relation to my great Aunt; figure it out). We played games and ate and watched Tiffany open gifts. Then we zipped back down.

WHERE: I had two hours of down time before my sister’s bachelorette party so I went home. BUT my husband turned off the AC unit before he went to the Twins game with my brother which is fine, but meant the house was warm. So I didn’t stay long but went to my sister’s house to help her set up for the party. She has central air.

Then we partied up, but you don’t need to know about THAT!

And I realized I had been apart from Emerson too long so I ducked out early and went to see my little man. He had a lot to say about me being away so long. He was a grump-a-dump. But then he smiled at me so I knew he was just venting and really loved that I was back.

This morning the fun began anew. I went to Ikea for the first time. It was terrible and wonderful, but I told you about that already.

Then Matt and I went to the Twins game which was amazing and wonderful. I loved watching my two favorite teams play each other. It was a win-win situation for me. I also got Emerson another adorable Twins outfit! Now the game is over and Matt and I just loaded our last load. Soon we will take it too our new house and our dog will join us. Our dog is crazy. I can’t even explain. Basically, he needs therapy, but I am not that kind of person so no therapy for him.

I am having a very emotional weekend. If I was emotional that is. I am a little (a lot) sad to finally leave my parents house. It has almost been a year since we had our crazy move from Chicago. My parents and siblings have helped us so much and there is something reassuring about having your mom, who raised 13 infants, right up the stairs– even if your son is a little more complex than the average baby. But even more than that, I love my family. I adore them. And I think it is entirely socially acceptable to live with your family like the Waltons. Not everyone agrees which I get and I think it will be nice for Matt and I to have our own space. I am just going to miss the hubbub and activity of my family. I adore my family.

But this move has also made me realized something else. Matt and I have too much stuff. I am sure it would all fit into our house, but the move is really making us evaluate what do we need. I am not going to sit and preach about how I think having stuff is bad because it is your life. But my lifestyle choice is to have less things. I do not really want to have something just for the sake of having it. It seems unnecessary and wasteful. I want to live as simply as possible. I think about this a lot: If I were dropped into any developing nation right now, I would die. No question about it. And I don’t think there is any way I could ever prepare myself for a developing nation, nor should I per se. BUT I do think I can live as simply as possible and not waste resources that others could have. So Matt and I are condensing our possessions and really trying to live with a social conscience.

This is already much more difficult with a child whom you wish to give the world too. But we will do it, because all moms want to give their children the world and not all of them can. I can give my child a good life without him having everything the United States has to offer (that’s right, my kid will probably not get a cell phone until he can drive).

Finally, this weekend has really geared Matt and I up for “city” life once again. In our new house Matt can bike to work, we can walk to the grocery store, and the bus stop is right outside our house! I love it. I love feeling like I am back in the city. And I am sure a lot of this goes back to my previous paragraph: these are all ways Matt and I can live simply. We can reduce our carbon footprint and really work to be a part of our community: locally and globally.

Oh thank God, I was worried that after a year in the suburbs, the hippie would’ve been beaten out of me, BUT SHE’S STILL THERE!