I really enjoy my job. No really, I do.

Sure, a year ago, this is not where I pictured myself, but after the year I’ve had, I am glad to be here. I am a contracted case manager through Hennepin County (a year ago I wouldn’t have touched case management with a ten foot poll, not the most glamorous work). I work for Pinnacle Services which I am finding to be a fantastic place to work.

I spend my day sending emails, making phone calls, and attending meetings. And when the mood strikes: we go out for lunch, jump in a foam pit, and attend happy hour. I actually love waking up in the morning to go to work.

And I am learning a ton about myself. I am getting a better sense of direction for my life and CRAZIER by the day. I am becoming more aware of where communications breaks down within the system. I am finding myself more driven to advocate and I think when I do go back to school my specialty will be something else entirely.

Being an adult isn’t that hard…


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