This post is not going where you think it is going

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little crazy. I have memories of events with people I know that they do not remember. Or rather, they do not remember the event as clearly as I do (if at all). For instance, when Mama Mia came out, I am convinced the my older brother came with. It stands out in my mind because it seemed inconsistent with my brother’s personality. No one who went to the movie with me can verify that it was my older brother. They knew a guy came, but they didn’t know who the guy was.

Well this post is about another memory I should share with someone but who does not remember it. When we were little, my cousin Sammy and I made a pact. We swore we would never wear make-up. We felt it was better to go natural and be ourselves. Oh the self-confidence of children. As an adult, it is interesting to see how this pact manifested.
My cousin does not recall the event. I can picture it clearly. We were sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen. I remember goofing off. We do that a lot. And some adult or one of my teenage siblings was talking about make-up. We vocally declared our objection to make-up and solemnly swore (as solemn as any ten year old can be) that we would defy society’s expectation of us.

And I think we have. Now I am less vehement in my objection to make-up. In fact, I would say I do not object to make-up at all. I do not wear it all that often, but I do wear it on occasion. I have a whole make-up box now. Yet even though I “accept” make-up (as if it is something to come to terms with). I do not wear it much. I think it is due more to laziness than an active decision not to wear make-up. Still, I find it interesting that I do not wear it daily. I certainly get up early enough to do my make-up, but I do not really see the point.

Maybe it is because of my freckles. I have great freckles on my face and everybody knows about them. I think it would be a little odd for me to show up somewhere without my freckles. So I do not wear foundation. I guess most people would consider freckles a blemish…and therefore cover them up. I do not. I grew up in an environment that fostered my freckles, that adored my freckles, that envied my freckles. So why would I hide them as though I do not like them? So without the foundation, my theory goes, my make-up just melts off my face. I have no idea if this is a true statement. In fact, I am certain I made it up. But every time I wear eyeliner, it just ends up at the corners of my eyes. And by the end of a day with eye shadow, my eyelids are naked too.

I would love to sit here and say I do not wear make-up because I do not want to participate in a system created by men to distract women from careers and achievement. Or that I do not wear make-up because I believe it promotes a competition between women to preen themselves for the alpha male. But neither of those is true. I have my alpha male. And if I preen, I usually preen for him. I do not wear make-up and I do not know why.


3 thoughts on “This post is not going where you think it is going

  1. I always say I’m bad at being a girl because I’m just too lazy to bother w/all the crap other people do: I hate blow drying my hair and every time I go to some fancy event, I inevitably forget something “important” like all my accessories or to switch to a matching purse. I do wear a little makeup though. I do have to say, the eye liner/eye shadow thing is just what you use! If you WANT to wear them, experiment with different brands. And for eye shadow, pick up a little thing called “primer”. It will make the eye shadow stay put all day. How do I know this? Another reason I’m lousy at being a girl! I always just rub at my eyes every which way and mess all my makeup up unless I use the industrial strength stuff.

    Anyway, you rock, keep fighting the “defying expectations” fight!

  2. I don’t wear makeup or do my hair simply because I am lazy. I cannot believe that many women devote an hour or more to getting ready in the morning. For me, 15 minutes is long.

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