I am not much of a resolutioner. I don’t like setting myself up for failure and most resolutions are fail focused.  Like losing weight or managing finances or saving more or finishing a bucket list. I know me. Those are not me. Changes will be slow and incremental for me in those areas. And my resolutions need to be slow and incremental. That being said… this year I did make a resolution.


My husband and I made a resolution for ourselves. Not to make ourselves better or more fit or more fincially stable but rather to become better parents. My sons are amazing. I love them so much. I am in awe of them. 


I want to be better for them. I want to be more intentional for them. I want to be present in their every waking moment. And so I am resolved to be so present. 


Matt and I are starting off small with something simple and easy. We are going to leave the TV off from the time we get home until the time the boys go to bed. It is so obvious and simple, right? I hope so. It’s been such a habit to come home and flip on the TV for background noise. But it is SO distracting and takes away from good quality time with my sons. 


So I am resolved to be more intentional with my sons. My first action step is to turn off the TV. Easy peasy. 


…wish me luck…


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