what foundation line?

Spoiler alert: I am talking about make up.

I learned how to wear foundation. I am not sure if this is a confession a 24-year-old woman should make but hey there it is. The thing is, I actually knew how to wear foundation before now but gosh I just couldn’t wear it if you know what I mean.

See I have freckles. Prominent lovely freckles. I love my freckles but they cause a problem with foundation. I mean maybe if I wore foundation from the start it wouldn’t be a problem but I didn’t. So now when I wear foundation I look like a weirdo. It’s like “hey, where’d your face go?” I look odd.

So I never bothered. I mean really I am the person who plans her life around how late I can sleep in and still get to work on time. I’ve got my morning routine down to thirty minutes which includes my husband taking a shower, me making our lunches, getting our son packed for daycare, and getting myself and my son ready to go. It is an art really. So I never really cared that I couldn’t rock foundation. And I still don’t.

But it is nice to know I can if I want to now. My secret? Surprise: powder foundation. Not a big secret but for all I care about make up this is revolutionary. Where have we been keeping this stuff?

In addition to discovering powder foundation, I also had someone match foundation to my skin tone. I know its wild right. They actually make different toned foundation to match different skin pigmentation. Who knew?

Yes this really is my blog post. It’s mostly satirical and just to mock myself…but imagine if I wear serious. I have the right to vote, drive, drink, own a gun, etc. Frightening.


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