Frozen (the Disney movie, not the current weather)

I am a little bit of a musical fan. All musicals really, but especially musicals I can BELT. So when I saw Frozen I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. I mean really: Ida Menzel. Enough said for you Wicked, Rent, and Glee fans. (plus fantastic performance by Kristen Bell and Josh Gad [whom i love])

In addition to being a fan of musicals, I am a glutton for Disney movies. I mean in one breath I will vomit over the gender stereotypes and the expectation of women to be seen and not heard (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid… I mean really), and, after the crazy rant is over, I will watch a Disney movie over and over and over. Granted I am not a fan of Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, but Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast (also, isn’t the Beast way hotter than the Prince?), Lion King… those are my wheel house.

For those of you who don’t know the story is loosely based on the Snow Queen story which is fairly intense. And when I say loosely, I mean loosely. The movie is really a tale of two sisters facing the world after the loss of their beloved parent’s. Throw in a Disney romance, some dancing trolls, a talking snowman, and pet reindeer…well you get the idea. The movie does have it’s serious moments which scared my niece. Twice she asked to leave because the movie was too scary for her. She made it through and enjoyed the movie overall.

I am usually pretty on-top of upcoming Disney movies… especially once they started making musicals again. Of course I saw Princess and the Frog and Tangled in theaters. (please don’t get me started on the extreme contrast between the two movies) But this movie blindsided me. I didn’t know it was coming out until it was out. So I didn’t get it researched before taking my niece. AND IT BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER. The music was fantastic, the characters were great, and the animation of the scenes was breathtaking. I might be overselling it, but I was hooked.

I want to go see it again. in theaters. which is obviously a waste of money. but i can’t get enough of it. and i am sure it won’t come out on DVD in a timely manner. So who’s coming with me?

Here is a teaser: Fixer Upper (sung by the Trolls)


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