All Clear

Yay! Sorkin’s heart looks great. We had both an EKG and an echo today to be safe and make sure everything looks good. Sorkin has what’s called an “innocent murmur”. Dr. S let us know that between 75%-80% of kids have heart murmurs; usually they “grow out of them” once they hit puberty. Basically what he was explaining is that what a murmur usually is, is hearing the blood flow through the heart. Kids are so small without a significant layer of fat or muscle on their chest and with less bone density that it is really common to hear, and then once they hit puberty and development happens, there is too much anatomy to hear the murmur.

Here is why we needed the echo: typically one in about 126 kids have a heart defect which is less than a 1% chance; however, due to Emerson’s HLHS the occurrence of a ventricle problem in siblings increases to between 8-10%. So about one in ten kids. Luckily Sorkin is not one of those kids and I pray for the families who found out today that their child does have a heart defect.

The trip to Children’s was really difficult for me and Matt. We haven’t had time to process since we kept Sorkin today and try to save those deep deep emotions for the two of us. I do think in our processing we will talk about what Sorkin needs though. While we were at the doctor, he asked us if we remembered living at the hospital referring to our last stay at RMH in March. It might be really good for him and probably for us to do some visiting, remembering, and honoring for Emerson.

We did get to see Emerson’s cardiologist today which was bittersweet. I am so grateful to her and all the team at Children’s for their care of Emerson. I miss our boy though– too much for words.

Thank you to everyone for keeping our family in your heart today. It’s very humbling to have such a large, loving support system. Now we are going to go celebrate with our boys by popping a bottle of sparkling grape juice. Time to breath again.


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